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Nancy Drew Blood & the Case of the Bulging Biceps

Photo from New York Times

Friday night I participated in my first ever official 5 Borough Ladies Arm Wrestling competition, under the guise of Nancy Drew Blood, flanked by the finest, fiercest entourage of girl detectives a gal could ask for. We all had a wild time and raised money for a good cause, Callen Lorde’s HOTT.

Let’s just say this was the best night ever. What could be better that a tiny room full of strong ladies, strong drinks, bribes, multiple dance-offs, arm wrastlin’ with both left and right arms, terrific puns and personas, cheering, chanting, screaming, theme songs, magnifying glasses, and plenty of fake blood for all? I’m so elated that I stumbled into this madness, what a night! And, if this sounds like a dream come true to you too, be sure to read the New York Times article all about it, called A Lighter Side of Arm Wrestling, for Charity, Sport, and Feminism. (And yes, that is Nancy Drew Blood duking out in the article’s photo.)

Go 5BLAW go, and wrists up, ladies!

Photos by New York Times, Miniature Rhino, and Kim Grassie.